The Connection Between Art and Health

February 3, 2016

Wellington Harbor – where I swim (not exactly here but nearby) The Body Connection It’s been almost a year since I’ve done yoga.   I find that hard to believe.  Until I stand up to walk across the room.  Ouch. I left home about 11 months ago, leaving behind my beloved yoga practice where I […]

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Art Education – Form and Content – It’s time for Content!

January 31, 2016

  [The post originally appeared on  I’m in the process of transitioning all of my workshop/teaching materials off of my artist website.  In the mean time please pardon a bit of duplication between the 2 sites.] Form and Content Art is a combination of form and content. Form is the physical manifestation of the […]

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I’m making a bed quilt

January 28, 2016

Under Construction On the Studio Wall This weeks studio update is a direct result of my update 2 weeks ago. Now that I have access to my design wall I can make art. And first up isn’t my usual art.  It’s a bed quilt that will also double as a class sample for my intentional […]

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Design is not a set of rules for what you should do

January 25, 2016

Design Elements Exercises ©2015 Ann Grasso Check Ann’s new website – Ann Grasso Pattern Art Design Elements Design is the foundation of most visual art. If you are purely a conceptual artist – design may not matter so much to you. But if you are making things that you want other people to look at […]

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Do you know your why? And what does it matter?

January 19, 2016

Your Why Amplifies your Voice! Sometimes the universe works in perfect ways.  Yesterday I was putting the finishing touches on my design for my newest workshop – Finding Meaning in Your Art – Finding Your Voice and a student shared with me this video:     Well now how perfect is that.  This video explains […]

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January Studio Update – A Practice in Letting Go

January 14, 2016

The new studio layout The Home is Almost Done I’m super happy to report that our home reorganization project (which I talked about in my december studio update) is nearing an end. After 7 months of debate over the completion of the wall to give us more privacy – kiwi guy and I came to […]

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How Coaching Works and the 2016 Master Class

January 13, 2016

Musings #6 ©2015 Mardell Rampton 10 x 10 inches hand dyed, hand painted, commercial cottons on stretched canvas Mardell Rampton One of the participants in the 2015 master class is Mardell Rampton.  It has been a huge huge honor to work with her this year through her transformation and growth.. Mardell went from “I want […]

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Happy New Year from a CPCC

January 5, 2016

The Kiwi Christmas Holiday We are a full week into 2016 and I’ve done essentially nothing work/art related this year.  I fully embraced the kiwi way of welcoming in the new year and I didn’t even get out my sketchbook during our 12 day North Island Christmas holiday. It was total relaxation time. We ate […]

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Merry Christmas Eve

December 23, 2015

This is as far as I got on decorating this year.  They have very perfectly colored ornaments here in New Zealand – yay for purple.  Unfortunately they never made it out of the package.   Because last weekend Kiwi guy and I opened our gifts. Without any kids around I decided self-control was overrated.   […]

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Pottering about in New Zealand – a December Studio Update

December 21, 2015

Studio Update I’ve had on my todo list for several weeks “write a blog post with a studio update”. I keep putting it off as there isn’t much to update.  After I completed the class sample which I posted here: Intentional Piecing – the joy of sewing for hours on end – I  fully intended […]

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