Day #100!!

December 1, 2016
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Woohoo!!! Today is day number 100 of the 100 day project. I have design all 100 of my 6×6 in monochromatic textile paintings!!! There is more work to be done to mount them all on canvas (and some more quilting on the last 30) – plus photography.   I’d write more but it is also […]

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Day 92 – 100 Days Project Update

November 23, 2016
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Days 1-92 A quick update on my 100 day’s project… Today is day #92. I have all 92 of the textile paintings designed and up on my wall.  Many of them still needed quilted and most of them still need attached to canvas. I taught my last class for 2016 today and so it is […]

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100 Day Project Update

November 18, 2016
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100 Days Project – Days 17-38 Making Progress Today is day number 87 of the 100 day project.   As I noted back in early October – the main reason I signed up for this project (to do something creative every day for 100 days) was to get my studio up and running and get me […]

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A Few Photos from the Nelson Art Expo

October 22, 2016
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My Wall! The Last Four Textile Paintings in the Portal Series   Me :):)   Gorgeous hills in Nelson, NZ   Saxton Stadium   Some of my newest artwork.

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Nelson Art Expo

October 18, 2016
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Keeping Up ©2016 Lisa Call 8 x 16 inches dye, cotton on stretched canvas Off to Nelson I haven’t posted updates to my 100 day project the last few weeks because I realized I needed to focus on completing new work for my next art show here in New Zealand. This coming weekend (Labour Day […]

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The 100 Days Project

October 2, 2016
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The current state of my studio wall Monochromatic Design In late August I got my studio into a semi working order. Since that time I have been working on a new project – creating 100 monochromatic textile paintings in 100 days. In theory I am to make 1 per day but I knew going into […]

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Dream #43 – The Importance of Home (and the SAQA Oceania Blog Hop)

September 3, 2016
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Dream #43 – 12×12″ – fabric, dye, thread – mounted on stretched canvas Dream This textile painting is part of a series of works I did following a trip to South Africa. I love the shape of these stylized South African houses. I named the series Dream, as the overwhelming feeling that struck me during […]

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Good Enough – The Studio is Ready

August 29, 2016
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Ready for stitching It Fits Last Monday I sorted out where most everything was going to fit in my studio and got it in good enough shape to start making art again. The picture above is take from the door into the studio.  You can see all 4 of my large work tables across the […]

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Question of the Week – Will it Fit?

August 17, 2016
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The Chaos to Tame Studio Set Up We’ve been in our  house a few weeks and now that we can cook and have clothes – its time to focus on finishing the studio. It feels like I’m getting to this task rather slowly but I have to admit I’m also walking on the beach hours […]

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Leaving a Mark

August 3, 2016
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Along the Great Ocean Road, Australia Creating Patterns I was in Australia for 3 weeks in July. I went teach a couple of art workshops and had about 10 days between classes.  So kiwi guy came over for a week and we rented a campervan (tip of the day – bring an extra blanket with […]

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