Anything and Everything is Possible – The Artist Cartography Pilot Group

August 2, 2015

Fulfilling a life long dream – hiking the Milford Track, May 2015 Stepping into Empowerment Why have I worked with a coach the lasts 6 – 7 years?  Because it is the easiest way for me to remain connected to the idea that anything and everything is possible.   Staying connected with the empowering belief that […]

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Intentional Piecing – My Only How-To Workshop

July 26, 2015

Intentional Piecing Assignment Exercises ©2013 Ana Tims Textiles Intentional Piecing For the first time in 2 years I am going to be teaching my one and only technique based class online (with some new video footage – shot in my studio in New Zealand). Would you like to learn how to cut and piece without […]

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Registration Now Open – Fall Online Workshops

July 23, 2015

And we’re off an running…  This week registration opened for my fall (or spring if you are down here in New Zealand or Australia) session of classes. Intentional Piecing has all new videos and in just a week is already 1/2 full.  Really looking forward to teaching my one and only how-to class again!   […]

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Let there be light!

July 20, 2015

Look – no clutter on the table! Lighting As long time readers might recall, I spent a lot of time researching lights for my studio Denver.  I wanted excellent lights and I got them.   I wrote a series of blog posts on the subject that still generate quite a bit of email to me […]

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What Transformation Looks Like

July 13, 2015

Sunset in Picton, New Zealand What A Coaching Conversation Looks Like A few days ago a few of my coaching clients (aka master class students) had this exchange  on facebook: Client #1:  I know you know this but still, if I may preach to the choir… coaching rocks! Just had a call with Lisa when […]

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And I’m Up and Running – New Zeland Studio Update

July 9, 2015

My New Zealand Studio Making Art!! This week my studio here in New Zealand crossed the threshold into productive studio space.  Woohoo! To celebrate I started getting up earlier and making art.  No more lounging around in bed until 10am and then milling about doing not much all day.  I’m an artist again. It’s currently […]

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I Love Transformation

July 7, 2015

Wellington Harbor Coach Certification It’s no secret I have big changes happening in my life right now.  Moving to New Zealand, sorting out what my art career will look like from this small island, living with a partner after 12 years living on my own. I’m also at the start of the process to get […]

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Studio inspiration

July 3, 2015

    The sky in New Zealand is amazing.  Different every day.  The clear blue sky’s are glorious and the cloudy rainy grays have incredible depth.  Yesterday I took the ferry from the north island to the south.  The clouds and rain made for a stunningly gorgeous day.   Time to dye more fabric.        […]

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Making Progress Setting Up the Studio

June 17, 2015

The View from Paraparaumu Art is Happening There was no studio update last week as I was out enjoying the beauty of New Zealand. Monday was a walk on the beach.  Tuesday was supposed to be yoga but I got lost driving into Wellington so settled upon a long walk along the coast as my […]

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And We’re Up and Running

June 5, 2015

Current State of the Studio Making Art Yahoo!  My New Zealand studio is far from finished but I have the bare minimum needed to get things underway. I’m waiting for the shelves so I can build my cutting table, sewing table and ironing board – but it’s time to get going! The cutting mats are […]

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