Quilts for Katrina Evacuees In Denver

by Lisa Call on September 14, 2005

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I’m organizing an effort to get bedsized quilts to the evacuees that have come to Denver. My goal is to make 3 twin sized quilts by the end of then month when we distribute the quilts.

As James mentioned on Diary of a Pauper many of us have the desire to make something beautiful for the people effected by this storm. One of the nice things about doing fiber art is that there is a very practical and “useful” side to the artform that is of immediate need. It’s already cold here in Denver – last night it got down into the 40s. Goodbye summer!

haven’t made traditional bed quilts in years and have a large collection of commercially printed fabric that I no longer use (I only use my hand dyed fabric in my artwork). It’s been fun to dig through the old fabric again remembering the quilts I made long ago for friends and family. Although it’s been a bit embarrassing as I’ll be using about 30 yards of fabric (about $240-$300) and it has barely made a dent in my stash.

Maybe I should clean out my stash and sell it on ebay and donate the money to the red cross. Hm – think it would sell? I haven’t bought commercial fabric in 5-6 years so it’s all fairly dated stuff.

I started on monday and I’ve got the first 2 quilt tops done, they are about 65″ x 85″. It takes me about 4-5 hours to sew together a single quilt top. I just might make my goal!

What was I saying yesterday about distractions? This one is quite worthwhile but my artwork isn’t making much forward progress this month.

Quilt for Katrina Evacuees in Denver &copy 2005 Lisa Call

Quilt for Katrina Evacuees in Denver &copy 2005 Lisa Call

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Scrapmaker September 20, 2005 at 8:42 am

Cheerful, nice colors and the top one has graphic interest even though these are not “art” quilts.

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