Building Creative Businesses Expo

by Lisa Call on March 6, 2006

in Goals and Intention

This weekend I participated in the Building Creative Businesses Expo put on by the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs.

I attended several workshops/lectures:

In addition I was fortunte enough to have a free half hour of consulting with Art Biz Coach Alyson Stanfield.

I came away from the day with my mind full of ideas on how to promote my artwork. The workshops were packed full of information and creative ideas on how to proceed with my career. I feel quite fortunate to live in Denver and have these local resources willing to put on such a wonderful event for artists and other creative businesses.

The next step is to sit down with all my new ideas and see how they fit into my long term goals. While there are many avenues I could pursue, from public art commissions, to corporate collections, to gallery represenation, to museum shows and more, I simply don’t have time for it all. At some point I have to find time to make art also!

And Alyson, your booth was fine. Your talk was wonderful and as usual I learned an incredible amount from you in a short period of time. Your enthusiasm is so inspiring. Thank you!

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Alyson B. Stanfield March 7, 2006 at 7:47 am

Ah! Thanks, Lisa! I can’t wait to see your solo exhibit at the Denver Art Museum

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