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by Lisa Call on May 9, 2009

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Painting the Studio


So Many Whites

Continuing on with my series on building a studio – today – paint color.

I spent a lot of time pondering over paint color for the studio. I always planned on painting it white but there are somewhere near a zillion whites to choose from. I had stacks of white paint chips and spent a few weeks looking at them and asking other people what they did.

I decided to go with a very cool pure white – white. From my unscientific surveys this wasn’t a common answer – most people tended to go with a warmer white.

The color I picked is called Mistaya from Kwal paint – the number is CLW1042W. In a gallon of paint there are only something like 2 1/2 drops of color added to their pure white. It’s very slightly on the warmer side of a pure blueish white but still very very white.

I painted the walls and ceiling of the studio with this color and carried it throughout the house and painted all of my ceilings Mistaya white also.

The paint is flat – no shine to it, which is the look I prefer on walls.

The trim throughout the studio and house (including all trim, baseboards and doors) is a fairly standard creamy white they call Aspen white at Kwal paint. The trim is satin. Love the flat white white walls with the creamier shiny trim next to it.

With my indirect fluorescent lights and the white what walls it looks very clean and crisp in my studio. Great place for doing color work.

Accent Wall

My studio is open to the house below and I really didn’t want to leave the big stairway wall white as I painted all the other walls in my house colors. So I made the decision to carry a light chocolate brown color from the house up into the studio.

Colors are relative based on the colors next to them so I was only willing to do this because this wall is not adjacent to any of my design walls and is unlikely to affect my work. Or then again maybe it will but so far it hasn’t bothered me and I really love having the color on that wall.

This paint is from Behr (Home Depot) – color is French Castle #770A-3. As with all the walls other than bathrooms and kitchen, it’s flat.

Accent wall in the Studio


Facebook Fan Page

For those of you on facebook I’ve created a fan page for my textile paintings. T

My plan is to post more in progress photos on the page, along with new art and other news from my studio. I’ll up date it every couple days with something. I love facebook (and twitter) because the updates are short. Great way to keep up with people without the pressure to write long missives.

So if you are interested please check it out here: Lisa’s Textile Painting fan page.

You are also invited to friend me on facebook and/or follow me on twitter.

I think fan pages are public so I believe you should be able to see it even if you aren’t on facebook and don’t want to join but want to check it out. The fan page.

PDF Fabric for Sale

It’s warming up outside and spring is in the air. What does this mean for textile artists? It means our thoughts turn to dyeing fabric (an activity that is best done in warm/hot weather). My first dyeing day is on the schedule for memorial day weekend – I’m excited. Creating color!

The requests for purchasing the PDF (prepared for dyeing) fabric I use have been picking up so I created a new webpage to make this process easier for everyone. I even put in buy it now buttons – yay for paypal.

Check out the PDF Fabric for Sale page if you dye fabric.


Kim Hambric May 9, 2009 at 1:56 pm

I think white has to be the hardest paint color to pick out. All of my rooms are full of color, except for white trim, ceilings and doors. My doors need to be repainted. I have no idea what the original “color” was. I am afraid of selecting the wrong white. It will probably take a few years to complete this project.

Hope you enjoy your white.

Judy May 10, 2009 at 1:04 am


The contrasting colour in Light Chocolate is lovely, just the right amount in just the right place.

Daniel Sroka May 11, 2009 at 10:13 am

The paint color I chose for my studio is Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Grey (HC-173). It’s a very light grey, just a tone or two off white, with a neutral soft color. It creates a very comfortable space.

Jana Van Wyk May 12, 2009 at 12:41 pm

Hi Lisa! I’ve been away in Taos, NM painting on location with the group co-founded

Now I’m back in NC, writing software again. I got a Studio 17 dell like you recommended and I love it.

got your newsletter, love it. I love making BIG ART too! I think it reflects the strong emotions I feel about my work.

anyway, I’m moving my studio into my big formal living room so I can have high ceilings and more light.

Why didn’t you put larger windows in your studio? Jana

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