Shopping Carts, An Interview and The List

by Lisa Call on January 3, 2011

in Being an Artist

Out in the World

Or at least out in the internet.

In the past week some of writing has appeared on other blogs.

1) Barb Harms interviewed me on her blog.

2) I wrote a guest post about why I switched to E-junkie from paypal over on art biz blog: Eight Reasons to Use an E-junkie Shopping Cart

My posts on looking forward to 2011 are delayed a few days due to an unpleasant cold that has come to visit. I spent most of yesterday sleeping so my expectation is this will be short lived. I have the next post mostly written and will hopefully complete it tonight.

The List

I thought I’d post my final progress for the stuff I wanted to get done last week, lest any of you think I was going to try to do all of that stuff (or could). Here’s how the week ended:

  • DONE – Wrap up personal finances for 2010, create 2011 budget and start new spreadsheet.
  • DONE – Make changes at financial institutions for the new budget.
  • Wrap up art business finances for 2010, create 2011 budget and start new spreadsheet.
  • Make final charitable donations for 2010 (I donate 10% of my gross art business income each year).
  • DONE – Deal with the insurance from my sons auto accident last week – looks like the car will be totaled.
  • DONE– Order new contacts before the end of 2010 insurance coverage
  • DONE – Appointments for some family stuff.
  • In Progress – Work on intentions/goals/projects for 2011.
  • Work on schedule for 2011.
  • DONE – Hire cat sitter for upcoming Costa Rica vacation.
  • DONE – Finish 3D houses.
  • Finish my sons bed quilt for his dorm.
  • Make one more brand new textile painting for 2010.
  • Update my mailing list with art sales from the end of 2010.
  • DONE – Send requested images for book.
  • DONE – Complete requested interview.
  • DONE – Get email inbox down to 0.
  • DONE – Clean out all email folders.
  • Partially – Organize my home office.
  • DONE – Organize my studio.
  • Organize files and folders on my computer.
  • Get my broken computer working so I can give it to my mom.
  • Put fabric for sale on my website.
  • Add Markings series artwork on my website.
  • DONE – Get landscaping project started
  • DONE (no card this year) – Finish Christmas (taking down the tree, a few returns, writing my christmas card)
  • Buy new sunglasses
  • 5 posts made – Blog daily
  • Attended 1 class thanks to a snow storm and my cold – Four yoga classes


iHanna January 3, 2011 at 11:29 am

Will check out your blog shopping cart advice and interview. Get well soon!

Lisa Call January 5, 2011 at 9:03 pm

Thanks iHanna. Today was a challenge, hoping tomorrow will be better.

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