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by Lisa Call on July 20, 2011

in Marketing

Abstract Contemporary Textile Painting / Art Quilt - Structures #128©2011 Lisa Call - Artist - Denver, Colorado

Structures #128
©2011 Lisa Call
12 x 12″
Textile Painting (Fabric hand dyed by the artist, cotton batting, cotton thread)
Mounted on stretched canvas, finished size 12×12″


There is a new social network in town: Google+. The computer science geek in me couldn’t resist, so I jumped on board quickly.

It’s much too early to tell where Google+ will go and how it will change the game with facebook and twitter, but when it started I was overwhelmed.

Things are now a bit more manageable. The trick was defining, for myself, how I was going to use the new tool.

I’ve decided, that for now, Google+ will be used for public posts only. Like I do on twitter, with the huge advantage of having inline photos. I’m sure this will change over time, but for now, my posts on Google+ will be professional artist behaving like a professional artist type posts.

If you aren’t following me on social media and would like to – the link are always in my website header and are also noted below:

  • Google+: images of my art, thoughts on being an artist, some thoughts on marketing art.
  • Facebook – profile: the most personal glimpse into my life, garden photos, chatting about shakespeare, kids, life, etc. With some art thrown in.
  • Facebook – page: images of my art, thoughts on being an artist, images of work in progress (this is about the only place I post these types of photos), a bit like google+ but more informal at the moment.
  • Twitter: both personal and professional art stuff combined.
  • Linkedin: I never login, pondering why I have it. The computer professional in me stops me from deleting it.

Studio Newsletter

In addition to all that yacky yacking on social media, I send out a studio newsletter once a month. It’s full of my latest news, images of new artwork and each month I share the artwork of an artist who’s artwork I admire, so it’s a chance for you to learn about new artists you might enjoy.

It’s a nice way to keep up with my art without having to check my blog every couple of days.

You can read today’s newsletter here: Lisa Call’s July Studio Newsletter

And subscribe here.

Structures #128

Abstract Contemporary Textile Painting / Art Quilt - Structures #128 - Detail ©2011 Lisa Call, Denver, Colorado
Structures #128 – Detail

Finally, the last of the 9 new 12×12 textile paintings that are part of my exhibit at the 1st Bank Center.

Green, in honor of all the green here in Denver, after a few weeks on monsoon rains.

Structures #128 is for sale and will be shipped October 4, 2011, after the exhibit it over.

If you’d like to reserve it, by putting down a deposit (vs. paying the full price up front) please email me and we can arrange that. We can also arrange a payment schedule, dividing the $475 over 3 to 5 months (for payments as low as $95 a month).

As with all of the 12×12″ pieces in this grouping, it is mounted, with invisible stitches, onto a stretched canvas and is ready to hang with the wire on the back.

Abstract Contemporary Textile Painting / Art Quilt - Structures #128©2011 Lisa Call - Artist - Denver, Colorado
Structures #128 – On Canvas
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Wen Redmond July 21, 2011 at 6:44 am

I haven’t done the google+ yet. I wonder do I need to. Will it become a chore to maintain and check all of these sites? I do have to admit I am getting to know folks though. Linkin leaves me cold and I rarely go there. And like you wonder why I keep it and hesitate to remove myself.
21 century problems.

Lisa Call July 25, 2011 at 7:38 am

Wen – I’m not sure about “need” but I think google+ isn’t going away. So the question becomes how do we keep up with it all. I’m considering cloning :)

Okay, just kidding, but I do think setting up clear boundaries on how much time I am willing to spend on social media can help.

I do believe it provides a fabulous community and a wonderful way to connect with people, but it needs to not take over our lives.

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