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by Lisa Call on December 29, 2016

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Down Under Textiles and Abstract & Geometric

Two New Publications

While I was busy finishing my 100 Days Project, a couple of publications with my work arrived on my doorstep.  They had to wait patiently for me to finish stitching and last week I finally had a chance to open them up.

The first was issue number 26 of Down Under Textiles – a wonderful Australian magazine for textile artists.

Not long after arriving in New Zealand, the editor, Kate Oszko, asked me to write an article about my new life in New Zealand.  It’s always fun to share that story so of course I said yes!

Kate did a fabulous job on the layout and the images are wonderful.  I’m always stressed about sending out images to be printed – sometimes they look terrible.  It is such a treat when they look fabulous!

I believe this issue is still at the news stands and it is packed with excellent articles from how-to to reviews and lots of interesting articles on the artists down under.

Image of my article in Down Under Textiles
Create with Passion


The second is a long awaited book by Martha Sielman showcasing oodles of Abstract and Geometric art quilts.  Structures #148 is included in Art Quilts International: Abstract & Geometric

The book includes a collection of short interviews with some of the artists included.   It is a most interesting read and the images are stunning.  The order Martha choose to lay out the work is most appealing.

I highly recommend this book to see some of the stunning abstract work being made today.


Image of my artwork in Abstractions Book
Structures #148 by Lisa Call and Worlds Apart by Vicki Carlson


Abstraction & Textiles

My only critique of the abstraction book is that it feels disconnected from the larger art world.  In my opinion some of the best abstract work being done today is work in textiles and it would great to have a larger audience.

To aid in that broadening of audience, I’d love to see more connections drawn between the work we are doing in textiles to the abstract work being done in other media versus the discussions on how the work is made.  I know – my opinion as others love the discussions of technique and material.

I’m more interested in questions like:

  • Where does my fit into larger picture of art history?
  • What type of abstraction (pure abstraction vs abstracting from real life) am I interested in – and why?
  • What role does chance play in my work?

When I teach my abstraction workshop, we spend a lot of time on art history and helping us understand better our connection to the bigger picture.  By having both painters and quilters in the same workshop, we see that technique and materials don’t always have to be the primary focus of our work.


That said – this book is stunning and I will certainly be using it to help educate the larger art world in New Zealand about the amazing work that can be done with textiles.  A congrats to everyone that has work in the book.


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Pamela Loewen January 5, 2017 at 10:32 am

Hi Lisa,
Any chance you could help me get a copy of your Australian article? I would like it for my records since I have the privilege of owning the artwork pictured ! I did check their website but the state they will not ship overseas.




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