20 Years of Art

by Lisa Call on January 19, 2017

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1998 Studio Time Sheets

Going Paper Free

One of my goals for 2016 was to create an (almost) paperless office. I’m tired of stacks of paper that need to be sorted and resorted and file drawers full of stuff I never read.

Thanks to technology I made big progress on that goal.

I switched to google calendar for daily appointment tracking and I’m using evernote for bunches of  things.

One of my favorite paper ridding systems is snapping a photo of any papers that look keepable (like all those annoying receipts for tax purposes) and store them in evernote.  Goodbye paper.

I will be going back to a paper calendar for deadlines, but that’s another post.


It looked worse in person – doesn’t look so bad in this photo.

When I packed up my house to ship the contents to New Zealand I didn’t have much time so I just packed everything with the plan of sorting it out once it arrived on the other end.

When you ship a container it goes by volume and not weight so there wasn’t much incentive to toss things out before I packed.

The end result of that was quite a large mess once I unpacked here in New Zealand and today I’m finally getting around to getting serious about getting rid of a bunch of it.


Things that Stay the Same

I mentioned last week that I have been keeping a record of how I spent my time for many years and only have the data for the last 10 years, because I moved the tracking into my sketch book.

Today in the tossing of many things, I came across my studio activity for 1998.  Twenty years ago!

It’s been 20 years and still doing the same things – making art, writing artist statements, entering exhibits, packing up artwork to ship.  And even teaching – I found a few enteries for submitting proposals for teaching and prepping to teach.

I am a creature of habit.


Bye Bye slides

The Things that Change

In the pre digital camera days, we used slides to enter shows.  I don’t miss those days.  Taking a roll of film and having no guarentees the photos would be good.

Gone and good riddance to the days of rushing off to the photo store hoping they could develop my slides in just a few hours so I could get the slides in the mail by the entry deadline.

At some point I switched to a professional photographer and so had to have my work done weeks before any deadline to allow time for photography.

Yahoo for online entry.  Sure some of the submission mechanisms are a bit clunky, but they are smooth sailing in my mind compared to  the painful days of slides.

I’ve carried binders and binders of duplicate slides around with me for the past 20 years thinking I should keep them.  Today that thought ended.

I pulled a single copy of each image for the older artwork that sold before I could get a digital image.  The rest – into the bin.

Thousand dollars of photographic work gone in a matter of minutes.

And the 3-ring notebooks went right into the trash along with them.  If my office is paper free – there isn’t much use in keeping the binders.


What really struck me about the cleanout today?  That I’ve been an artist for 20 years now.  Pretty darn cool :)

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Angeline Marie January 20, 2017 at 12:53 am

Hey! Consider donating the binders to the nearest school!? Don’t know about Aussie schools, but US ones can always use binders and other good condition supplies.

As for paper calendar…yep. I began keeping one a few months ago…and is the only way I can track, lol!

YIPEEE for trashing!


Lisa Call January 20, 2017 at 6:48 am

Angie – normally I would find them a new home but this is A4 land and all those binders are for US 8 1/2 x 11. So they are useless down here – too short and fat.

We need a VISUAL of our deadlines! Google calendar isn’t so good for that.


Daniel Sroka January 20, 2017 at 1:39 am

20 years.. it’s amazing how fast time flies. Last month I created a timeline for my art career: summarizing what I accomplished (or didn’t…) for each year I’ve been doing this. It’s amazing to look back on the path I’ve taken.


Lisa Call January 20, 2017 at 6:49 am

Daniel – I know! Amazing isn’t it. A timeline by year is a great project. I might try that out also. After I get through my list of accomplishments for this year…


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