Blue, Resistence and Stitching – Studio Journal – July 22

July 22, 2014

Structures #166 – in progress ©2014 Lisa Call 18 x 18 inches Getting Back to Work Today was my first day in my studio in 2 weeks.  I had really great plans to work in my studio last week but it didn’t happen. Probably because I was being rather unrealistic.  I was home just 3 […]

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The Fabulous Students of Working in a Series – And Really – What is this workshop about?

July 17, 2014

Deb Sorem Daffodil ©2014 Deb Sorem Art Quilts Debs’s website “What does it mean to work in a series? I wasn’t sure but it seemed like an opportunity for personal growth. I had my doubts if I was ready but thought I would never find out unless I tried. So I made the significant cash […]

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Radiant Orbit and the Artful Home Studio Sale

July 10, 2014

Radiant Orbit ©2014 Lisa Call 39 x 38 inches $4000 $2800 (Sale price available on Artful Home through July 24 A Blast from the Past One of the first projects I completed post-job-quitting was the stitching on Radiant Orbit – a textile painting started in 2005 This design is a variation of the traditional quilt […]

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World Domination – Setting My Intention

July 6, 2014

World Domination It’s time once again to head to Portland to attend the rather challengingly named World Domination Summit. WDS is hard to explain but the easiest way to understand what it is about is through the list of core values: Community, Adventure, Service. 3000 people will arrive in Portland this week to be inspired […]

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Structures #162 – In Full Color

July 5, 2014

Structures #162 ©2014 Lisa Call 18 x 18 inches on stretched canvas $1200 (email for purchase information) Completed! A few weeks ago I shared some desaturated images (photos with the colors removed so they are gray) of a new textile painting – you can see those images here: Structures #162 – In progress. The point […]

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Lines #75′s New Home

June 24, 2014

Lines #75 – in it’s new home Grouping Small Art Another collector wonderfully shared how she is displaying her new Lisa Call textile painting.  Thank you!!! This is Lines #75 along side 2 pieces by a Vancouver island artist named Pat Audley. The collector received these pieces 28 years ago as a wedding gift.   […]

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Make an Offer Auctions Return

June 23, 2014

Community ©1999 by Lisa Call 36×42 inches fabric, thread, batting bid here Name Your Price First up for sale, in the return of my make and offer auctions, is one of my very first house themed artworks- Community. This art quilt was made in 1999, long before my Home series.  This theme of houses seems […]

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Enrollment Now Open for Fall Online Art Workshops

June 21, 2014

Maggi Birchenough Cotton Mill Cog Wheel ©2014 Maggi Birchenough Art Quilts Maggi’s website and blog “I took Lisa’s Working in a Series class because I wanted to move forwards with my textile art, away from disparate pieces and towards developing a theme further. I was certainly not disappointed. Working on a piece each week was […]

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Structures #162 – In progress

June 16, 2014

Structures #162 – a first attempt ©2014 Lisa Call 18 x18 inches Evolution Some of my textile paintings evolve quickly. I have an idea, I rough it out on the design wall, it looks good, I stitch it together. Some are a little less cooperative. I started Structures #162 in January. This morning I finally […]

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Working in a Series aka Creating a Cohesive Body of Work aka Finding Your Voice

June 12, 2014

Robin Chaney Life in Shape of a Bottle ©2014 Robin Chaney Oil on Paper Robin’s website and blog   Student Work It’s that time again – yep – enrollment for my fall semester of online art workshops.  Which means it’s time to share some student work. I’ve sorted out a new way of reviewing assignments […]

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