Happy Anniversary to Me

April 29, 2015

Te Anau Lake   One year ago I walked into my managers office and said “I QUIT!!!!” A year later I’m sitting at a holiday park in Te Anau, New Zealand getting ready to do one of the great walks. Definitely the best decision I ever made. Now time for bed – I’ve got some […]

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Turns out I’m really on Vacation

April 15, 2015

A fabulous black sand beach in Whanganui, New Zealand   When I thought about coming to Australia and New Zealand to teach I had thoughts of the whole “location independent work” thing. You know – where you keep working even though you are in another country. It’s a fabulous idea but I’m traveling around too […]

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Just kangaroos

March 23, 2015

   When in Oz…

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Hello from Sydney

March 19, 2015

Did you here me exhale? That’s because after 2 1/2 months of 12-18 hour work days I’m now sitting on a beach in Australia. After my solo show in Philadelphia followed by the show in Baltimore I had a few weeks to prepare for a 2 month trip to Australia and New Zealand. The start […]

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Has it really been 10 years?

February 22, 2015

My first blog post Happy Anniversary 10 years – wow – it’s hard to believe I’ve been writing my blog for that long.   I started my blog days after buying my first ever digital camera.  At the time it seemed like such a big deal. Now I snap photos daily with my phone and frequently […]

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ACC Baltimore Setup

February 20, 2015

Booth Set Up Day This year I set up my booth in a single day. I’m getting faster at it! A photo tour of the creation of Booth 710… This is the booth!   Putting down the carpet is always the first task.   Then unloading the boxes.  This year  I managed to do this […]

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Please Visit – Booth 710 – ACC Baltimore!

February 18, 2015

  It’s Booth Time Again!!!! I have a few last minute items to toss into my suitcase and then I’m headed to Baltimore in February for the 3rd year in a row.  Yep – it’s the American Craft Council show. In previous years I shared oodles of information about preparing for the show.  This year […]

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Portals: Possibilities and Beginnings

February 16, 2015

Today a quick peak at my exhibit at Bluestone Fine Art Gallery. I’ll share details on these textile paintings in coming posts. This post is a test of uploading images from my phone directly to my blog so I’m keeping the text simple. Hurray for technology!                   […]

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Falling in Love with the Studio Again

January 29, 2015

Portals #56 ©2014 Lisa Call 18 x 18 inches fabric, dye, thread on canvas $1200 Making Art Again The last few weeks I’ve been working in my studio around 30 hours a week. Putting the finishing touches on my work for my upcoming solo exhibit at Bluestone Fine Art Gallery in Philadelphia and the American […]

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100 Accomplishments for 2014

January 22, 2015

Evolution of this Blog Post I started writing this blog post on Dec 31 and I had a hard time staying focused.  I had plans to make this a really pretty post with lots of photos and details.  It started feeling overwhelming. Eventually I gave up and took the day off.  In fact I took […]

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